Halloween Safety Tips

Safety is the key for our health and our eye health. Follow these safety tips to make sure your Halloween does not become a nightmare.

Eye Safety Tips for you and your goblins:

  1. Avoid costumes that obscure vision.
  2. Use only products approved for use on the skin.
  3. Keep products away from the eyes.
  4. Never use old makeup.
  5. Use care in removing make up to avoid getting any in the eyes.
  6. Be sure to remove all of the makeup before going to bed.
  7. Wear reflective clothing or attach reflective tape to costumes and Trick or Treat Bags.
  8. Carry a flashlight. Note: The ‘glow sticks’ that are sold at Halloween are filled with a chemical that can cause eye irritation and they really don’t illuminate that well.
  9. Tie hats and scarves on securely to make certain they don’t slip over the eyes and obstruct vision.
  10. Wear a protective mask, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.

A Word About Decorative and ‘Circle’ Contact Lenses: There are decorative contact lenses that feature wild designs. While generally safe if prescribed by and worn under the supervision of an eye doctor, these decorative lenses can cause serious eye problems if worn improperly. Remember: Contact lenses – whether decorative or not – are medical devices that must be prescribed by an eye doctor. Do not buy lenses from Flea Markets, Beauty Shops or online. Do not share lenses with anyone. Wear the lenses only for the time prescribed by your eye doctor.

If you have questions about these eye safety tips, schedule an appointment today by clicking the button below or calling (847) 647-0707.

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